Benefits of solvent printing

Printing has become a very vital part of everyday living. If you have a business in which you do lots of printing, you may have to consider using solvent ink printers. The following are some of the benefits of solvent printing:

Speed and efficiency

Solvent ink printers are usually faster than those which use water-based inks. As such, Solvent printing are up to 50 percent efficient than their water-based counterparts.


When you buy solvent ink printers, you have machines that have been designed to work hard and for long. In the end, you have an option that’s more cost-effective than water-based printers. Solvent inks cost up to 75 percent less than water-based ink.

Co top-coating required

Unlike water-based ink printing which requires varnish to protect your prints, solvent printing is done once and for all. You simply print on canvas, pack your prints, and ship them out. Apart from taking a short time to produce your prints, you also save on the cost of the varnish.

If you are looking to buy solvent ink printers, you should first talk to Ink Tec. We will advise you on the best machine to acquire and the accessories you need. You will be glad you chose us.

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